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Q. Are your Lumpia`s traditional Filipino Shanghai Lumpia?
A. No, our Lumpia is bigger, but we can offer Shanghai upon request.

Q. Are your ingredients cooked before rolling the Lumpia?
A. Yes, we cook all the various ingredients prior to rolling to ensure that our signature taste is consistent. 

Q. Do you hand roll each Lumpia? 
A. Yes, each Lumpia is hand rolled to perfection.

Q. Do you offer your Lumpia"Frozen"?
A. Yes, this is a large portion of our busines. We offer 25pc frozen packs with your choice of Lumpia.

Q. What kinds of Lumpia do you offer currently?
A. Currently, we offer a Ginger Pork, Ground Steak, Lemon Grass Chicken Breast, Vegetarian, Turon, Sweet Potato, & Thai Coconut Jasmine Rice Pudding (aka RPL). We are consistently trialing new recipes that we feel will be a hit for our customers.

Q. Do you guys have a restaurant?
A. YES, we are located at 1000 Town Center NE, Tacoma, WA. 98422 (inside the Light House IGA Grocery Store / 253-874-LUMP (5867) or 253-952-2550 

Q. Where can we get your Lumpia?
A. You can pick your order up at either of our store fronts, we can deliver (with the minimum order amount of $100.00), or you can come see us at various venues around the Puget Sound, or via our Mobile Food Trailer or Food Truck. Check us out on Facebook or Twitter to find out where we will be.

Q. I live in another state and want to know how I can get your Lumpia?
A. We can ship frozen packs of Lumpia as per your order selection. Its as easy and ordering online via our website (www.lumpiaworld.com)

Q. Can we book your company for lunch, catering, wedding, or special event services?
A. Yes, we have a special department for events such as these. We would like to schedule a conference call or meeting to go over all the details to ensure we make this event a successful one. You can also book our Mobile Food Trailer to be onsite at your office or location.

Q. Do you offer wholesale rates for businesses that would like to resale your product?
A. Not at this time, visit this Canadian website.