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Lumpia World, LLC was formed by Derrick and Eleanor Ellis in June of 2006.

"My Love for Lumpia was established when I tasted Lumpia for the first time by the hands of my lovely wife Eleanor", said Derrick in 2003.

The idea and concept of Lumpia World was born when Eleanors love for cooking and Derricks passion for service met.

"We are utilizing our God given giftings to spread the Love of our Lord through Lumpia World", said Derrick and Eleanor.

Since June 2006; Lumpia World has been growing a loyal FanFamily base around the Puget Sound by becoming a Premier Food Vendor in various Food Vendor Venues. The venues include Microsoft, Wine and Beer Festivals, Mobile Rodeo Events,  the 11th Pan Asia New Years Celebration, Federal Way Farmers Market, Seattle Pardiriwang, Washington State Annual Hood Classic, Seattle Rizal Music Festival, and Kirklands Wednesday Farmers Market, Tacoma 6th Ave Farmers Market, Tacoma Broadway Farmers Market, and Kirklands Friday Night at Juanita Beach Market. Corporate Events Services for companies such as Qwest, Real Networks, Carpenters Trust of Washington to say a few.

This business was not established just for the sake of making money, but more importantly with a Vision to work together as a family and teach our children business while at the same time creating a Legacy that we can leave behind when the Lord decides to call us back home.